New Released: AnchorChef Air Sterilizer

AnchorChef Vacuum Mini ZK168


Mini Vacuum Sealer Machine

MINI VACUUM SEALERS KEEPS FOOD FRESH FOR LONGER: Great for solid and semi-solid food freezer storage, such as fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, ready to eat, deli, cheeses and nuts etc


USB Rechargeable Vacuum Sealing System Food Storage Saver


  • USB RECHARGEABLE VACUUM SEALER MACHINE: Built-in rechargeable battery, convenient to use, mini size and light weight, portable to carry. simple and easy to operate, Perfect gadget for your kitchen.
  • SAVES YOU TIME: Built-in imported motor, strong suction and compress instantly, exhaust air effortlessly, keep fresh taste easily. Strong Vacuum power, vacuum seal the bag quickly.


Reusable,Practical, Easy to Use, Small Kitchen Appliance for Food Preservation

COMPACT AND EASY TO USE: Handheld operation, just put the vacuum sealer on the air valve of the vacuum bag and press the power button then it will exhaust air automatically.

AnchorChef Vacuum Mini+ ZK168P


Vacuum Mini+ ZK168P

  • Same function as ZK168
  • No build-in battery
  • Use 3 x AAA Battery
  • No problem for shipping
  • No worry when you check in at the airport



  • Height:90mm
  • Diameter:52mm
  • Weight:140g
  • Colour:Orange
  • Pumping Speed:2L/min
  • Air Pressure:-50Kpa
  • Power:1.5V AAAx3 / 2W

AnchorChef Vacuum Mini II ZK169


Vacuum Mini II ZK169

  • More powerful then 1st generation
  • Larger battery
  • Better material with fresh design



  • Height:101mm
  • Diameter:49mm
  • Weight:206g
  • Colour:Black / Golden
  • Pumping Speed:4L/min
  • Air Pressure:-50Kpa
  • Power:Micro USB 4.2V / 6W
  • Battery:1500mAh

AnchorChef Vacuum Master ZK190


Vacuum Master ZK190

  • Included all functions as ZK190
  • More powerful and save your more time



Direct power supply from your home plug.

AnchorChef Vacuum Master II ZK290


Vacuum Master II ZK290

  • Included all functions as ZK190
  • Same powerful
  • Better material and durable



  • Height:173mm
  • Diameter:65mm
  • Weight:415g
  • Color:Black
  • Pumping Speed:15L/min
  • Air Pressure:-50Kpa
  • Power:12V / 24W

AnchorChef Vacuum Mini III V5


AnchorChef V5

  • New fresh design for our Vacuum Mini for user
  • New technology to provide faster and stronger for our vacuum
  • Multi-function including pumping / filling air 
  • Lighter weight without battery, no worry for travel around
  • Apply by USB Type-C adapter
  • Come with pumping needle and suitable for many different type of ball or balloon
  • Simply operation with "One Touch" complete 



  • Height:92mm
  • Diameter:40 x 40 mm
  • Weight:138g
  • Colour:White / Black / Pink
  • Pumping Speed:6L/min
  • Air Pressure:100 to -70Kpa
  • USB Power:USB Type-C 5V / 2A
  • Noise: <60db